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The beginnings of Sportines go back 10 years. It all started with a first visit to the CEV Volleyball Champions League matches. This was the first contact with “international” volleyball, which ignited everything that followed.

Business administrative and CL organizational coordination of ACH Volley, many years of voluntary work for the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia in all international competitions, approach to the Slovenian senior men’s national team as a team manager, and later a more prominent role in the first significant competitions for seniors…

From 2017 onwards

The year 2017 was crucial when the transfer from ACH Volley to the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia took place. This year, the qualifications for the Men’s World Championship and the World Championship for junior members were of crucial importance, as this was exactly what opened the door to the world of the FIVB (World Volleyball Federation), which recognized the true values and invited Ines to its circles as Event Manager for the newly established competition, the elite Nations League. 

At the end of 2017, Ines moved to Spain and developed her own PLAY&LEARN project under the auspices of the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs. The first Slovenian beach volleyball camp abroad took place in Alicante, Spain, in cooperation with the Fabjan Sisters Beach Volley School. 

The year 2018 was a turning point when the scales completely tipped in the direction of international volleyball competitions, only this year Ines was the Event Manager of the first edition of the elite Nations League in France and Italy, two rounds of the Men’s World Championship in Bari and Milan (Italy) and at the qualifying tournament for the 2020 Olympic Games in Varna, Bulgaria. A boom in the international world of volleyball followed.

O nas Ines Vidič Sportines

To excel in our role in a wide range of international sporting events. Learning to improve every day and developing into a better version of ourselves as a sports management company.

Using physical education to create a better everyday life for young people. Presenting sport as a tool for easier navigation through challenging modern life.

To offer partners the best possible work performance and achieve a common goal. To operate in an environment guided by respect, understanding, and acceptance.

sincerity, precision, reliability, commitment, belonging, professionalism


Respect, trust, and teamwork are the main strengths of the Sportines team. 

The aim is to incorporate best practices and experiences into all projects.


Each team member knows and respects the company’s point of view, which is; “always work with your heart and be humble”. Good things happen to people who have the courage to dream and follow their dreams. During the company development process, a high focus and a humble attitude are maintained. 

The Sportines team works as one, with mutual respect, trust, and unconditional support.

O nas - Ines Vidič

Ines Vidič

Owner and CEO

O nas - Larisa Vogrinc

Larisa Vogrinc

CEO assistant and project coordinator

O nas - Tjaša Vidič

Tjaša Vidič

Project coordinator


Nina Mihalič


Other Sportines team members:

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