Erasmus Programs

Ariadne Projekt

The project focuses on the theme “Promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport”. Through the promotion of volleyball, the aim is to encourage and implement attitudes and behaviors that encourage the reduction of problems of marginality and deviance among young people and contribute to smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

The aim of the project is to prevent the radical behavior of young people, by strengthening the capacity of sports organizations and promoting sports among young people living in marginal areas.

Through the project, a structured curriculum (on sports and radicalization) and the development process of sports operatives were developed. An international school and international exchange training were held, which was the basis for the “Analysis of Best Practices on Social Exclusion and Radicalization”.

Together with the project partners, a digital platform was created to define, exchange and promote good practices that promote sport as a health factor and a tool to promote gender equality. The purpose of the project is also to promote urban planning in favor of sports practice, which takes into account the aspect of sustainability and environmental concerns.

Play & Learn

In 2018, within the framework of the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs, a program was developed that connects playing volleyball/beach volleyball with learning a foreign language, called PLAY&LEARN. The program included networking in Alicante, Spain, networking with local entrepreneurs, and learning about the business approach in a foreign country. An international beach volleyball camp was organized within the project, which included professional training on the beach under the watchful eye of licensed coaches, as well as learning the Spanish language. The partners in the project were Sportines, sports management, Fabjan Sisters beach volleyball school, Elcano Spanish School, and KIIVA, a practical exchange company. The project was accepted, supported, and financed by the European Commission, the conceptual leader and project implementer is Ines Vidič.

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